Morning in the Classroom, Evening on Buda Hill

Jessica Marquez and Karl Hille

Hungary’s economic and political issues kicked off our second day in Budapest. Tamas Novak is an associate professor at Budapest Business School. Novak talked to our class about the different economic and political issues surrounding Hungary and it’s media.

teacher at front of class, screen

Tamas Novak talks about Hungary’s history and politics.
Photo Credit: Jessica Marquez

Novak said that in 2010 Hungary experienced a big change. “The country is under autocracy instead of democracy; the state of law ha s weakened,” Novak said. He continued to say that the human rights of the Hungarians had been infringed on because of the occurring autocracy.

Novak later explained that the Travares Report came out in July of 2013. This report listed things that were considered “undemocratic” since the 2010 change in government.

Budapest, Hungary and Moscow, Russia are now in negotiations to receive $10 billion euros in a nuclear cooperation agreement. Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin is scheduled to come to Hungary next month.

clothes hanging on hooks, curtains

Laundry hanging to dry indoors.
Photo Credit: Jessica Marquez

After the lecture, Brianna Hurwitz and I ran errands to the grocery store to fine an outlet adapter and laundry detergent. We came back to the hotel and manually washed our clothes. What a different lifestyle than home. I guess you have to do what you have to do.

While Jess and Brianna handwashed, the rest of the class followed Szylvia on a rambling tour out to the Opera, then up to Buda Hill.

There we saw the fairy-tale spires of Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Church, where the kings of Hungary were crowned, and the palace grounds, including what remains of the old armory, bombed out in World War II.

Our guide was concerned that we would get the wrong notion of Hungarians from Tamas, so after explaining the history of the Buda Hill and the coronations of kings, she made sure we understood that Hungarians were neither isolated, nor passive.

The view of Pest from Fisherman’s Bastion is simply breathtaking, and everyone got their portrait taken with sunlight on Parliament in the background.

gothic building on the river bank

Hungary’s Parliament building seen from Fisherman’s Bastion.
Photo Credit: Karl B. Hille

From there, we visited the palace grounds, and after copious instructions on how to get back to town, Szylvia left us to explore the palace at dusk. We were just in time to see the changing of the guard and snap a few pictures, but it was getting cold fast.

Some got hot drinks before hiking down, while others opted for the bus. One nice thing about the short bus ride was getting back to the Pest side of the Danube in time to see the most amazing sunset over the palace. It went on forever, constantly changing, and we took pictures till our batteries died.

sunset over hill with palace

Sunset dreaming over Budda Palace, from the Danube shore in Pest. Photo Credit: Karl B. Hille

sunset over spires and hillside and river

Sunset over Matthias Church – the coronation place of kings of Hungary.
Photo Credit: Karl B. Hille


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